Top 7 Health Benefits of Garlic

Did you know?

Garlic is packed with vitamins and nutrients. Some of these include vitamin B1, B6, C as well as manganese calcium, copper, selenium, and many others.

Garlic, natural antibiotic for you :)


Top 7 Health Benefits of Garlic

  • Lower Cholesterol Level
The antioxidant properties in garlic help scavenge harmful free radicals, which can contribute to damage caused by LDL (bad cholesterol) in the blood.

  • Reduces Arthritis Pain
Various chemical compounds present in garlic also are believed to aid in reducing inflammation associated with various forms of arthritis

  • Reduces Weight
Many researchers believed that the anti-inflammatory property in garlic helps regulate the formation of fat cells in the body, one of the primary factors in obesity

  • Inhibits Cancer
The presence of allyl sulfur in garlic can slow down the progress of cancerous cell growth. Daily intake of garlic is important for those who have a family history of cancer to lower their risk of many types of cancer

  • Prevents Hypertension
Studies have shown that garlic also reduces high blood pressure. Garlic acts as a vasodilator which helps to widen the blood vessels, making blood flow smoother

  • Combat Allergies

Raw garlic juice is a good option for rapid relief from itching due to rashes, bug bites or any other kind of allergy

  • Treats Cough

Garlic is good source of Vitamin C, B6 and the minerals selenium and manganese, all of which strengthen the immune system. It  promotes expectoration with coughs, making it irreplaceable for those with chronic  bronchitis.

Do you like garlic?..or garlic bread? or..garlic complex (for those yang tak suka baunya, Ani recommend this hihi  (Choose wisely ;D)

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