Berminat Berniaga, 10 Sebab Untuk Anda Katakan YES Kepada Shaklee!

Shaklee Malaysia has invites for those who have an interest to being a entreprenuer to join Shaklee business. 

Being an entrepreneur means you are in charge of your own time, finance and where you work. You can bring about change and improvements in the community and for your yourself, because you are free to decide what matters most to you.

Say YES to Shaklee

Top 10 Reasons To Join Shaklee

  • Payout RM26 Billion for sharing Shaklee products
  • Malaysia has grown 1000% in the past six years
  • Number 1 natural nutrition company in US
  • The Shaklee Difference
Always Safe : 100,000 quality test per year
Always Works : USD 300 million in research
Always Green : Enviromental Leadership
  • Landmark Study showed people who took Shaklee supplements had markedly better health than people who took either a single multivitamin or no supplements at all
  • Shaklee in 9 countries, reaching out of half of the world's population
  • Got a recognition from BrandLaureate in 2014/2015 as Best MLM brand in nutrition
  • Reaching out to underprivileged children by giving nutritional support
  • Incentive trips included Japan, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom and United States
  • First company in the world to obtain Climate Natural certification and offset its CO2 emissions

Top 10 Reasons To Say YES to Shaklee

  • YES to stay in a healthier life
  • YES to be your own boss and build your own business empire
  • YES to live in a lifestyle you choose
  • YES to 5 star travel around the world, absolutely free
  • YES to spend more time with your loved ones
  • YES to fulfil all your big dreams
  • YES to retire young and retire rich
  • YES to inspire more people to live healthier and better lives
  • YES to say goodbye to your current stressful and hectic lifestyle
  • YES to unlimited recurring income

It is TIME for YOU to Say YES. Say YES to Success!

Jom Jadi Ahli Shaklee

Ani Haryani
sms/whatsapp : 014-7222642
fb@Instagram : LuvHaryani
Shaklee ID : 1073895

"Do What You Love"


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